One Week. Ten Pounds. A Hundred Bucks.

Theatre, Weightloss

You may have read that my parents have combined my weight loss efforts and my fundraising efforts. They’ve offered to donate $10 to Dad’s Garage Theatre’s Kickstarter campaign for every pound I lose. The campaign ends Tue, Nov 11 2014.


Long story short, Dad’s is a ridiculous Atlanta theatre company that I’m part of. We were made homeless last year, but we’ve found a potential forever home. To buy. Of course, not-for-profit theatre organizations tend to have shallow pockets, so we’re getting creative—thus this Kickstarter campaign, which is only part of our multi-tiered fundraising effort.

I’ve already cleared out my kids’ college funds, so now I’m getting creative too. I’ve got about two months to also kickstart my weight loss campaign, and hopefully raise more money for Dad’s.


Seven days in. I hit the scales this morning, and have lost 10.4 pounds so far (295.0 to 284.6). Let’s round down and say that Mom and Dad are in for at least $100, barring a total relapse.

My approach this week:

No sweet. Not just no sugar, nothing that tastes sweet, including artificially-sweetened stuff and even fruit. This has really helped me control cravings. Yeah, it’s pretty impossible to completely avoid sugar—I know I’ve ingested plenty this week in the form of salad dressing, bread, and even chicken sausage. I’m just doing the best I can.

No booze. No Friday evening reward beer. No post show improv beer. No “cheers the kids are in bed” celebration. God that was hard, but though I love a good IPA, I recognize that it’s empty calories, and thus not a good choice for weight loss.

No fried. I actually had some baked buffalo chicken wings for lunch last week. Not bad at all.

Intermittent Fasting. The idea here is to ingest all my calories within an eight-hour window each day. So I have breakfast at 7:00 AM, lunch around 1:00 PM, and then I’m done for the day. I did this every day this week. A real lifestyle change, but once you get your head around it it’s not actually that hard.

Next report coming in a week. Wanna help me stay motivated? Donate a few bucks. Stay tuned.

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