Dad's Garage's Kickstarter

The Dreaded “3”

Theatre, Weightloss

Three weeks ago I had a doctor’s appointment. I stepped on the scale there, and the nurse jotted down a sobering number: 301.2.

Sure, I was wearing jeans, and shoes, and my belt … but still. I had never seen a “3” at the beginning of my weight ever. It was a wakeup call.

Two weeks ago I was challenged by my parents to lose weight. They volunteered to donate $10 to Dad’s Garage Theatre’s Kickstarter campaign to buy a new home for every pound I lost.

Today’s scale reckoning: 279.4 pounds. Almost 22 pounds from the scary 301.2, and 15.6 pounds from my weight two weeks ago, the day my parents issues their generous challenge.

Mom, Dad—you’re in for 156$ so far.

Anyone else wanna cheer me on? Make a $15 donation to Dad’s Garage‘s Kickstarter right now!

Next update in a week.

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