Final Kickstarter Update

Theatre, Weightloss


As of 11:10 AM Eastern, Dad’s Garage Theatre’s Kickstarter campaign to buy a forever home ended. I would say it was a success, and then some.

We met our goal of $116K with over a week to spare. At about the same time, an anonymous benefactor announced that he, she, or it (wealthy robot?) would match all Kickstarter donations up to $150K, so that became our new goal.

I am so proud to say the people of Atlanta and the world stepped up and helped us meet that number with 20 hours to spare. Even then, donations continued to pour in until the very end. We ended up at $169,985.


I donated as much as I could without selling anyone. Then my parents came up with a well-meaning scheme to help me contribute more: they would donate $10 for every pound I lost during the 60-day span of the Kickstarter campaign.

In the allotted 60 days, I’ve lost 29.8 pounds. Mom, Dad—thanks for your $298 donation to Dad’s Garage’s Kickstarter.

My technique, which I intend to continue with a couple of slight modifications, was this:

  • Avoid Sweet. Not just sugar, also artificial sweeteners. I didn’t go hardcore—I know that lots of non-sweet products (like American bread) sneak sugar in. If it was less than a gram or two I wouldn’t exclude certain things. But overall no sweets, no fruit, no juice, no sodas, no dessert, NO HALLOWEEN CANDY!
  • No Booze. I couldn’t justify the empty calories. I did ignore this rule for two special occasions (my anniversary and a client dinner).
  • Intermittent fasting. For the past 60 days (with a few exceptions), I consumed all of my calories for the day in an 8 hour window. This typically took the form of an ample breakfast and lunch with no dinner and no snacks, although a couple of days I skipped breakfast instead.

Moving forward, I’m going to continue avoiding sweet. I’ve found that it’s made it surprisingly easy to avoid that hangry feeling by avoiding the sugar roller coaster. I also have felt great since I started the intermittent fasting, so I’m going to continue doing it for at least five days a week. And I’m going to restrict alcohol to weekends only, and obviously avoid sweet drinks.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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