The World’s First Ewokese Rhyming Dictionary


This crew got rhymes.

I may have just completed my life’s most important work.

But let me back up for a second first.

For years, I have threatened to write a musical that tells the story of what’s going on behind the scenes during Return of the Jedi. More specifically, what’s going on with the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village. We know them as Chief Chirpa, creepy shaman Logray, and of course my favorite, Wicket.


Yeah, I went there.

Wicket is the cute Ewok scout who first meets Leia and brings her back to the Bright Tree Village (while Logray is advocating cooking and eating Luke, Han, and Chewy.) He is also the hero of Wicket, the musical I’m working on.

I’m hoping the need for an Ewokese rhyming dictionary is making more sense now. The majority of the show will be in Galactic Basic (what some of you might call English), but I still want the Ewoks to be able to bust out a few rhymes in their native tongue.

I will happily share more info on the show in a later post. For now, I wanted to share—for posterity—the Ewokese rhyming dictionary that I have slaved over for the past few days. I’m sure a lot of people need it.

But first, a few caveats:

  • I am not an Ewokese expert—my pronunciations may not be perfect
  • For my purposes, I’m using ‘near rhyme’ rules for the multisyllabic rhymes that are noted.
  • Almost all of the Ewok words and phrases I used come from the wookipedia, which in turn come from the amazing work of Return of the Jedi’s sound designer Ben Burtt. I have scrounged a few additional words and phrases from elsewhere on the internet.

So without further ado, please enjoy the world’s first Ewokese Rhyming Dictionary:


Aargutcha (ar gooch ah) — Pull

Acha (ah chah) — Okay, all right

Ah-ah (ah ah) — Water

Akeeata (ah kee ah tah) — Hear

Amoowa — You have a..

Cha/Chaa (chah) — Them

Chaaa — This one

Coatee-cha (kote tee chah) — Celebrate

Dee fratta (dee frah tah) — That’s, that is

De oppra (dee opp rah) — Upper, top

Ee chee wa maa! (ee chee wah mah) — Wow, gee whiz! Oh my goodness.

Ee choya! (ee choy ah) — Hey

Eedada (ee dah dah) — Over

Eedeeza (ee dee zah) — Ten (10)

Ehda (ay dah) — Evil, Bad

Ekla (ek lah) — Big

Enenah (en en ah) — Where

Entzahee roda (ents zah hee roh dah) — Cook

Enya — Show

Esa — Why

Fopa — From

Fudana — Wait

Glowah — Glory

Goon daa (goondaa) — delicious

Gooka (goo kah) — Shelter

Goopa (goo pah) — Hi.

Gunda (goon dah) — Yummy

Heeta hutah — Bark lizard

Hurga — Teach

Jeerota (jee roe tah) — Friend

Ka — The

Kaiya — Giddyup!

Kla (klah) — From

K’na Naa (kuh nah nah) — Spirit Tree

Kra (krah) — Ready

Luka — Stars

Manna manna (man ah man ah) — Food

N’dla (nah dla) — Six (6)

Ne gata/Ni gata (nee gah tah) — Where is…?

Ninga ninga — I respect

N’la (nah la) — Five (5)

Nocka — Deal

Nude-La — I am a…

Ooba (oo bah) — Rain, Rainfall

Ota (oh tah) — To the

Pibooka (pih boo kah) — Clearing

Pola (poh lah) — Polar

Powa (pow wah) — Power

Roda (roh dah) — To eat

Ronda ronda — Landing platform

Ruha (roo hah) — Hit

Sta (stah) — Now

Stoja (sto jah) — Station

Ta (tah) — The

Tana (tah nah) — The Ewokese name of the planet Endor

Teeha (tee hah) — Thank you

Teera — Only

Theesa (thee sah) — Baby, child

Toma — Your(?)

Treeta Dobra (tree tah Doh brah) — Council of Elders

Uuta — Sky

Weewa (wee wah) — House, home

X’ekra — Guard/watch/protect

X’iutha (zhoo thah) — Important

Yaa-yaah! — Greetings.

Yah wah—power

Yeha (yee hah) — Good bye

Yud ehda/Yut ehda (yood ay dah) — Alas

two syllable


Acha (ah chah) — Okay, all right

Ah—ah (ah ah) — Water

Dee fratta (dee frah tah) — That’s, that is

De oppra (dee opp rah) — Upper, top

Ee chee wa maa! (ee chee wah mah) — Wow, gee whiz! Oh my goodness.

Eedada (ee dah dah) — Over

Fudana — Wait

K’na Naa (kuh nah nah) — Spirit Tree

Manna manna (man ah man ah) — Food

N’dla (nah dla) — Six (6)

Ne gata/Ni gata (nee gah tah) — Where is…?

N’la (nah la) — Five (5)

Tana (tah nah) — The Ewokese name of the planet Endor

Yaa-yaah! — Greetings.

Yah wah—power


Ehda (ay dah) — Evil, Bad

Kaiya — Giddyup!

Yud ehda/Yut ehda (yood ay dah) — Alas


Akeeata (ah kee ah tah) — Hear

Coatee-cha (kote tee chah) — Celebrate

Eedeeza (ee dee zah) — Ten (10)

Ninga ninga — I respect

Teeha (tee hah) — Thank you

Teera — Only

Theesa (thee sah) — Baby, child

Weewa (wee wah) — House, home

Yeha (yee hah) — Good bye


Ekla (ek lah) — Big

Enenah (en en ah) — Where

Enya — Show

Esa — Why

X’ekra — Guard/watch/protect


Entzahee roda (ents zah hee roh dah) — Cook

Fopa — From

Glowah — Glory

Jeerota (jee roe tah) — Friend

Nocka — Deal

Ota (oh tah) — To the

Pola (poh lah) — Polar

Roda (roh dah) — To eat

Ronda ronda — Landing platform

Stoja (sto jah) — Station

Toma — Your(?)

Treeta Dobra (tree tah Doh brah) — Council of Elders


Aargutcha (ar gooch ah) — Pull

Amoowa — You have a..

Goon daa (goondaa) — delicious

Gooka (goo kah) — Shelter

Goopa (goo pah) — Hi.

Gunda (goon dah) — Yummy

Heeta hutah — Bark lizard

Luka — Stars

Nude-La — I am a…

Ooba (oo bah) — Rain, Rainfall

Pibooka (pih boo kah) — Clearing

Ruha (roo hah) — Hit

Uuta — Sky

X’iutha (zhoo thah) — Important

Three syllable


Ronda ronda — Landing platform

Treeta Dobra (tree tah Doh brah) — Council of Elders


Dee fratta (dee frah tah) — That’s, that is

De oppra (dee opp rah) — Upper, top

Ee chee wa maa! (ee chee wah mah) — Wow, gee whiz! Oh my goodness.

Eedada (ee dah dah) — Over

Ne gata/Ni gata (nee gah tah) — Where is…?


Fudana — Wait

K’na Naa (kuh nah nah) — Spirit Tree

-ahd (see also -aht)

Jad (jad) — Down

-aht (see also -ahd)

Jarat (jah raht) — Branch

Theesdarat — Truth

-aig (see also -ang)

Zehg (zayg) — Out

-air (see also -er, -erd)

Deajstare — Death Star


Chiutatal (chy oo tah tail) — Moon

Tal (tale) — Sun

-ang (see also -aig)

Lang — Think


Azar (ay zar) – Magic

Dangar (dang gar) — Attack (also possible that the phrase is used as a battle cry)

Hutar (hoo tar) — Danger

Lulalar (loo lah lahr) – Sing

-ate (see also -et, -it)

Daboolhat (daboohlait) — Change, be different


Yayath (ya yath) — Jump


Danthee (dan thay) — Maybe

Danvay (dan vay) — Be careful

Ileeay — Stop

Noroway (nohr oh way) — Which?

Re — Rise


Chees — Route/path

Eee/Ees (ee) — We

Thees (theess) — Good

-eck (see also -ick)

Chek — Soup

Glek (glek) — Sad

Greh/Grek (grek) — Hands

Shtehk — Sit

Shtek — Vine/rope

Thek (theck) — Here

Yehk — Open

-ecksh (see also -eck)

Deksh — Oh dear/Oh my


Arandee (ar ahn dee) — Listen

Bingee (bin jee) — To guide

Che (chee) — Free, as in liberty

Churee/Churi (chor ee) — Mountain

Churi – a large bird, the skull of which adorns Logray’s headgear

Chyasee (chy ah see) — Help

Coki (coke ee) — Nine (9)

Cupee (cupp ee) — Cap, as in an ice cap on a mountain

Eedeedee — Under

Eee/Ees (ee) — We

Eetee (ee tee) — Long

Ehshtee/Eshtee (esh tee) — Give

Hii — Visit

Hoji (ho jee) — Four (4)

Jeejee (jee jee) — Face

Kee — Wishes (?)

Lungee (lunj ee) — Lost

Luufi (loo fee) — Flower

Nim-nee — Take (me)

Reshee (resh ee) — Map

Rueenee (roo ee nee) — Ruins

Sunee (suh nee) — Sun

Thesi — There

Tyatee (ty ah tee) — Come

Tyeht danti? — What happened?

Uhree — Up

Yuhyi — See

Yubi Ubi — Go to sleep

Zeekee — Safe

two syllable


Arandee (ar ahn dee) — Listen

Chyasee (chy ah see) — Help

Tyatee (ty ah tee) — Come

Tyeht danti? — What happened?


Eedeedee — Under

Eetee (ee tee) — Long

Jeejee (jee jee) — Face

Rueenee (roo ee nee) — Ruins

Zeekee — Safe


Ehshtee/Eshtee (esh tee) — Give

Reshee (resh ee) — Map

Thesi — There


Bingee (bin jee) — To guide

Nim-nee — Take (me)


Churee/Churi (chor ee) — Mountain

Coki (coke ee) — Nine (9)

Hoji (ho jee) — Four (4)


Luufi (loo fee) — Flower

Yubi Ubi — Go to sleep


Cupee (cupp ee) — Cap, as in an ice cap on a mountain

Lungee (lunj ee) — Lost

Sunee (suh nee) — Sun

three syllable


Chyasee (chy ah see) — Help

Tyatee (ty ah tee) — Come

-eech (see also -ease)

Feech (feech) — Dang

Geetch (geech) — Push

-eef (see also -eeth)

Feef (feef) — Plant

Oodeef (oo deef) — Sweet

X’eef (zheef) — Ground

-eeg (see also —eej, —eek)

Gleeg (gleeg) — Drink

Seeg — On

Zeeg (zeeg) — In

-eej (see also -eech)

Deej (deej) — Father

-eek (see also -eeg, -eeks)

Eekeekeek (eek eek eek) — Forest

Thleek — Throw

Treek (treek) — Go

Treekveek — Run

Veek (veek) — Quick

Yeek — Look

-eeks (see also -eek, -ease)

Jeeks — That


Eeep! — Yipes!

-eesh (see also -ease, -eech, -eesht)

Gyeesh (gyeesh) — Please

Keesh — When

Shodeesh — Parents

Sleesh (sleesh) — Berry


E s’eesht (ee seesht) — Kill

-eet (see also -eet)

Eedada huutaveet — Spaceship

Freet (freet) — Sister

-eeth (see also -eef, -eet)

Kreeth (kreeth) — Cave


Etke (ett keh) — More

Jadgreh (jad greh) — Foot

Oh hheneheh (oh hén heh) — An expression used to call to order an assembled group in preparation for an announcement—sometimes, after an accompanying drum beat

Yeh (yeh) — Old


Den (den) — No

Hveetin (he veet in) — Glider

Na-chin (nah chin) — Tribe

Treekthin (treek thin) — Journey

Tyehtgeethin — Stranger

Zeeheein — Safety

-er (see also -air, -erd)

Fektur (fek tur) — Medicine

-erd (see also -air, -er)

Lurd (lerd) — Dumb, silly


T’hesh (tuh hesh) — Quiet

Yesh (yesh) — Right, correct

-et (see also -ait, -it)

Teeket (tee kett) — Heart

Yungyet (yung yett) — Nut

-ick (see also -eck)

Drik (drik) — Happy

Eechik — Try

Fic (fic) — Two (2)


Jiks — This


Chim (chim) — Three (3)

-in (see -en)

-it (see also -et)

Grenchicit (gren chik it) — Hang on/Hold on

Luka yit — Pixie

Yekyit — Say/tell

Yigit — Small


Bok chuu-ock (bahk choo ahk) — Far away

Chak (chahk) — Yes

Che womok! — Beware!

Dutak (doo tok) — Arrow

Moktok — Now

Vootok — village


Ando (an doh) — Forward

Bi toto (bee toh toh) — Direction

Coro (kor oh) — Can you…?

Eleeo (ee lee oh) — Never

Lurdo (ler-do) — Loser

Mo — more

Oh (oh) — Too

Seefo (see foh) — Hurt

Toto — Is/Does


Allayloo (ah lay loo) — Celebrate

Bugdoo – Hungry

Choo doo (choo doo) — Enough

Chu (choo) — One (1)

Fulu (foo loo) — Circle

Goo — Light/Trade

J’voo (ja voo) — Eight (8)

Labu labu? — How much?

Luu (loo) — Beautiful

Meechoo (mee choo) — I

Na goo (nah goo) — Stop!

Ooloo ooloo — Phrase pertaining to eating of someone

Reh rehluu (reh reh loo) — Dance

Sheeu (shee oo) — Name

Shodu (sho doo) — Mother

Sku (skoo) — Hello

Voo (voo) — Seven (7)

Weechu (wee choo) — You

two syllable


J’voo (ja voo) — Eight (8)

Labu labu? — How much?

Na goo (nah goo) — Stop!


Meechoo (mee choo) — I

Sheeu (shee oo) — Name

Weechu (wee choo) — You


Choo doo (choo doo) — Enough

Fulu (foo loo) — Circle

Ooloo ooloo — Phrase pertaining to eating of someone


Goot (goot) — Good

Noot — Now

Sirut (seer oot) — Door

Sut (sutt) — Soon

Yun yum di goot — It is very good/tasty


Chop — Got (have)

eee chop — we got

Yupyup (yupp yupp) — Rejoice (rejoicing)


Nub — I would/I have

Yub nub (yubb nubb) — Freedom

Yubnub (yub nub) — Hooray

Yub yub (yub yub) — Follow/Let’s go

-uck (see also -ock)

Chuck (chuk) — Much

Fruk (fruk) — Brother

Thuk (thuck) — Rock

-uf/-uv (see also -ub)

Nuv (nuhv) — Love

Yuf (yuhf) — Climb

-ug (see also -uck)

Eyok-nee-chug — What is that?


Eekeetuhkuh (ee kee tuh kuh) — Axe

Klektuhkuh — Spear


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